1 hour ago

    Does the AstraZeneca vaccine also stop the transmission of Covid?

    Again: unpublished data, no details, no peer review, science press release. It’s not good. But big, as political writers sometimes…
    5 hours ago

    Review: Apple’s HomePod mini is the speaker for the rest of us | AppleInsider

    The HomePod mini is perhaps the Siri smart speaker that Apple should have done sooner, but it’s certainly the one…
    5 hours ago

    Build a mask to induce a lucid dream

    While dreams are generally thought of as the unconscious wanderings of the mind, that is not the whole story. Lucid…
    6 hours ago

    Space flight does strange things to the bodies of astronauts

    “The Twins study gave us a first glimpse of the human body’s molecular responses to spaceflight, but that outline needed…
    7 hours ago

    Why you can’t watch Wonder Woman on Roku or Peacock on Amazon TV

    When Wonder Woman 1984 Opens in theaters on Christmas Day, most HBO Max subscribers will be able to watch the…



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