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Big Nerf Bazooka Packs A Wallop

Nerf blasters are a fun toy, often confiscated from children after they touch too many precious ornaments around the house in the middle of a battle. [Ivan Miranda] is taller than most children, and started building a much bigger blaster.

The bazooka-style design uses a 160mm multi-meter PVC pipe, shooting “darts” constructed from foam yoga rollers and polishing pads. The build uses a host of 3D printed components in its construction, both as part of the firing mechanism and as jigs to help machine the pipe. A large piston is used to propel the darts, which are pulled against the tension of the thick rubber tubes before being released by the trigger mechanism.

It’s an intimidating device, of course. However, we believe its short range, massive size, and slow reload time should keep it from breaking the metagame in your local Nerf battles. That said, we still wouldn’t want to take a picture of this bad boy in the head. Pirates love a good Nerf build, and they are particularly popular in sentinel applications. Video after the break.

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